Verification guide

Verification process on is required in order to follow KYC and AML policies of our service and due diligency of our bank. 

Fully verified user gets access to:

  • option to buy e-currency using bank transfer;
  • option to sell e-currency using bank transfer;
  • possibility to order Unichange debit card;
  • possibility to exchange FasaPay.

Verification of user consists of 2 steps:

  • verification of cell phone number
  • verification of identity and address


Step 1: Verification of cell phone number

To verify phone number the user should:

  • log in to account
  • fill in cell phone number (without international country code)
  • click «Verify» to get SMS with verification code
  • As soon as message with the code arrives - insert the code in the required field
  • click «Submit».

  • Verification of cell phone number is completed! 

    Note: if you haven't received message with the code, please contact our Support team and provide cell phone number in international format (it should begin with international dialling code of the country). 

    Step 2: Identity and address verification

    As soon as phone number is verified, user is welcome to verify his/her identity and address by uploading required documents.

    Note: all scans of documents and photos should be in jpg, jpeg, pjpeg, png or pdf formats. Size of each file is not to exceed 3Mb. 

    The following documents are accepted for verificationof identity:
    • international passport
    • national ID card
    • driver license

    The following documents are not accepted for verificationof identity:
    • voter's card
    • residence permit (only as addition to other documents)
    • health insurance card
    • professional ID cards
    • student ID cards

    Passport or ID card provided for verification should contain the following information:
    1. Issuing country 
    2. Identity document serial number 
    3. Document issue date 
    4. Gender 
    5. First name 
    6. Last Name 
    7. Date of birth 
    8. Place of birth
    9. Expiration date 

    Example of ID card (front and back side) required for verification


    Example of international passport required for verification


    Additional documents

    Additionally to confirm your identity or identity and country of staying Unichange Verification department may ask to provide:

    Example of self photo holding ID/international passport next to face:



    The example of self photo holding newspaper (with current date on it) and ID card/International passport next to face:


    • your self photo holding ID/international passport next to face
    • your self photo holding newspaper (with current date on it) and ID card/International passport next to face.

      Note: All photos have to be in high resolution with all details to be visible on the photo.

      Address verification

      For address verification are accepted the following documents:

      • utility bills (water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, etc.)
      • bank statement
      • mobile phone bill
      • cable bill
      • credit card statement, etc.

      Utility bill / bank statement or any other bill provided for verification has to match the following criteria:

      • it has to be a copy of paper (not online) bill
      • bill has to be in the name of the user
      • bill has to contain user address
      • bill has to contain date (for the last 2 months).

      According to due diligence of our bank's request our Verification department may ask for:
      • source of wealth (indicate place of work and your job position or other source of wealth)
      • purpose of payment (explain the purpose of e-currency purchase).

      If you use business bank account to buy e-currency you need to provide information about the type of your business. 
      If the company is registered for a website, you need to provide URL of the website. 

      We may ask for this information as we follow rules of our bank in order to avoid money laundering and financing of terrorism. 

      As our service has bank account with company possessing financial license, so we are to follow due diligence of the bank.

      After you upload documents for verification, our Verification team will carefully check them within 1 business day. If any additional documents are required, you will be notified. 

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