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You can find information on general questions about ZenithIncome services.

For any additional question please contact our Live chat support, use our email support@zenithincome.com or use Contact Us form. You can also contact us on our Mobile and land telephone numbers below:

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Though it is not a must to register and verify your account with us before using our services but it is better to do so in order to use our full services. Not registering on our website will limit you to only perform exchange operations, in this case you are only allow to change one crypto to another without having the authority to Buy or Sell. On the other hand registered and verified customers get special benefits and at the same time take part in our Affiliate program and earn funds by attracting referrals, deposit or withdraw funds using bank transfer options, track status of every order placed on our website, Buy, Sell, Exchange and make deposit using mobile money systems.
This guide is intended to help you with exchange operations using ZenithIncome.com.
To proceed with an exchange.

1. Click on either Exchange, Buy, Sell, Select an e-currency pair and type the amount you wants on the column, the system automatically give you the amount to pay or the amount you will be receiving, fill in the details below and click submit to navigate to the next page.

2. At this stage you need to confirm your details and crosscheck your receicing account information after which you will need to confirm your order by clicking on the Confirm button.  Exercise caution, as in event of error the transaction cannot be reversed. You will be shown your payment instructions which includes the amount you are exchanging, buying or selling, amount receving and your order number on green follow with maybe more instructions.
3. Follow the instructions. Depending on the type of operation you have selected, you will see an appropriate instruction or a shopping cart. For instance if you have chosen a BTC-> PM USD exchange, please copy our Bitcoin address carefully and make payment to our account as instructed.

4. Depending on the type of exchange you have selected, exchange can take up to ten minutes to 2 hours after we have received the funds. Please contact us if you believe there is technical issue or any other problem.

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PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ether (Etheruem), & Litecoin

BITCOIN STEALING MALWARE: When your computer gets infected by this malware, it's capable of changing the user's copied bitcoin address and replacing it with another bitcoin address when pasting it. Cross and double check your pasted bitcoin address during the ordering process. Also check and confirm your bitcoin address from your order before you add payment detail to the order.